Selected Writing Samples

Long-form reporting

Shooter calm during cross-town spree

Personal Essays

In The Dark – Portland Magazine

How Erma Bombeck Saved Me


There’s only one way to get the bishops to listen: Close your wallet

Five Tips for College Freshmen and Their Parents

What teachers REALLY do all summer

Migrants: The next generation

Religion Reporting and Commentary

‘Repair the World’ Jewish Federation Practices Tikun Olam (pg. 113)

Muslim basketball player at UA covers up in games

Bishop lacked politicos gene

Dealing with the ‘December Dilemma’

Pope Francis’ challenge to the clergy

Responses to bin Laden’s death

Thoughts on Communion Denial

Quran burning, un-Christian hate and un-Islamic violence

Mini-bulletin board for God

Feature Writing

Tucson teens perform hard work in Big Easy

Local touches for Congresswoman’s vows

UA dean helps rescue India sex workers

Obituary of Salvatore “Bill” Bonanno, son of legendary crime boss (co-authored with A. J. Flick)

Personality profiles

Drew Donnellan: A look at a former elite high school athlete, paralyzed in a gymnastics session, and his adjustment to college life.

John Pepper: University of Arizona professor does ground-breaking research with cancer cell computer modeling in spite of stroke that destroyed nearly one-quarter of his brain.

Sheila Tobias: A non-mathematician, non-scientist, Sheila Tobias spent her career raising awareness about, and fighting against, inequality in math and science.

Robert Shelton: The University of Arizona president reflects on his sophomore year, which included a murder in one of the dorms and controversy surrounding the leave of absence of his Hall-of-Fame basketball coach. Sidebar Q &A

Higher Education Reporting

UA changes will affect women, minorities disproportionately

Helicopter parents now common at universities

Proposed stimulus could greatly aid UA, community colleges

New grads face tighter job market

Investigation: Basketball Coach Lute Olson

Is Olson getting special treatment?

Olson out on medical leave

Olson: AD told him to be mum about leave

Olson announces retirement; denial by UA president

Olson gets neither big payout or big penalty

Sustained coverage: Closure of Tucson Citizen

Bid deadline passes; paper likely to close March 21

Citizen to stay open ‘day-to-day’

Gannett invites potential buyers to visit Citizen

Gannett rejected offer to buy Citizen, CA publisher says

Federal judge may weigh in on closure of Citizen

Where are they now? Citizen employees a year after the closure

Breaking News

Federal Charges in Giffords Shooting Cite Assassination Plan (contributing reporter)

Regents reverse themselves overnight on tuition hike

Head of UA’s Bio5 Institute quits

Car, driver among perks for new UA VP

Sixth Street landowner settles with UA