My novels in progress

FAITHLESS —When a shocking revelation is uncovered about a Catholic bishop, traditional Church doctrine is severely tested and journalist Maggie O’Brien faces a choice that could sever ties of both family and faith. How far with the Church go to protect itself from scandal? How much will Maggie give up personally and professionally in pursuit of truth? Faithless explores the tension between obedience, power, compassion, sin, hypocrisy and loyalty in a family drama examining just what it means to be true to oneself. While this isn’t the first story to deal with a scandal in the Catholic Church, Faithless has a unique, topical issue at its core that will be relevant for years to come. (Mainstream fiction)

GONE IN A HOT MINUTE — Madeline Grace Moore never thought she’d turn to a life of crime, but that was before she was laid off from her successful, high-powered – and high-paying – university position and her husband took a yearlong vow of silence even though it would mean losing half his law firm’s clients. Throw in three children needing everything from soccer shoes to college tuition and headhunters who reject Madeline once they set eyes on her, and certain choices become obvious. Set in the Great Recession of 2009, Gone in a Hot Minute deals with ageism, fat-shaming, midlife crises, and just how far someone will go to get back in the game. (Upmarket women’s fiction)